In the Sunshine State, residents know an easy way to escape the heat is to take a dip in the pool. However during fall, winter and early spring, the temperature can often be a bit too chilly for the locals’ tastes, and a pool heater can add comfort to any late night swim or early morning lap.

Pool heaters work through combustion. The heat generated is evenly distributed through the pool water to provide maximum comfort, and the amount of heat created by the pool heater can be easily adjusted to your exact taste. Gas, propane, electric and solar pool heaters are available, and our technicians can explain the benefits and potential drawbacks of each option as well as assist you in selecting the best heater for your needs and budget.

At ParkerAire, we also offer maintenance, service, and installation on most makes and models of pool heaters. We want our friends and neighbors to enjoy their pool all year round, so we make it easy to schedule repairs, maintenance and installation services. ParkerAire is local and available to help you!