To avoid costly AC repairs, regularly scheduled maintenance should be performed on your AC system. By investing minimally into the ongoing upkeep of your AC system, you can prevent unwanted breakdowns or repairs during the hot Florida summer months.

Most AC systems should be inspected at least once each year to ensure that all of the internal parts are operating correctly and running in accordance to manufacturer specifications. However, because we use our equipment so often in South Florida, manufacturers recommend service no less than twice a year. This regular maintenance will help identify any minor issues before they worsen and require more complex repairs. Regular inspections will also help you stay cool and comfortable all year long by ensuring your system is running as efficiently as possible.

The top manufacturers in the industry always recommend maintenance to ensure optimal airflow and consistent performance. Regular AC maintenance will also help you to stay within your warranty guidelines and requirements, since many manufacturers require regular maintenance to validate warranty claims, should any serious system malfunction occur.

At ParkerAire, we offer the most comprehensive AC maintenance service in the area, and we are qualified to work on any manufacturer make or model. Don’t set your system up for failure – get it maintained today!

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