A day out on the boat in Florida is an incredible way to spend time with the family. However, the hot summer sun can be relentless and uncomfortable. Marine AC units are essential to ensure the comfort of everyone on board.

Our owner, David Parker, began in the industry in 1987 by manufacturing marine AC equipment. As he worked on the equipment, he realized there was a better way to produce the equipment and improve both airflow and system efficiency. By 1989, David had redesigned the refrigerant platform. The manufacture began using it, and even to this day, they still use the superior design he created nearly 30 years ago.

Our technicians can install, maintain and repair any marine air conditioning system. We’ve worked closely with our friends and neighbors for decades, and our family owned company is renowned for our fine attention to detail throughout all of our repairs.

Don’t wait until your day on the water needs to be cut short due to the heat.  ParkerAire is ready and able to repair or maintain your system when you need it most.