In December 1981, Joe Parker adopted David and Joseph. It was Joe’s compassion, continuous patience and unconditional steadfast love that changed their lives forever. Joe, who built, managed and eventually retired his own Ace hardware in Ft. Myers, FL, taught the boys what it means to truly help others. He also taught them that sometimes there is more than one solution to solve someone’s problem, and the most expensive fix was not always the right one. He instilled in them that it was their responsibility to advise customers on all of their available options to allow them to decide which solution provided the best benefits. To this day, David and Joseph continue to honor their father’s name in their daily business transactions. He didn’t just give them his name – he taught them how important it is to honor themselves. Joe showed his name-sake until he passed in 2011.

We now often use an acronym to simplify things: POPS, or “People Over Profit Service”.

It is for this reason that, without using advertising and sales gimmicks, ParkerAire is able to remain committed to its customers and employees by providing solutions that prove to maintain successful long term relations. We have shown that reimbursing people with a good hourly rates and relieving the stress that comes from things like the cost of healthcare can prove to be successful for retaining good people who are dedicated to the company’s mission and seek to provide their customers with services and solutions that honor the industry.

With everything we are, we love you “Pops”!